Enhancing Services for Dual Language Learners

This document describes how a mid-sized, suburban Head Start and Early Head Start program engaged a consultant for help developing a language policy that supports children who are dual language learners and addresses the role that staff and parents can play in supporting dual language learning.

Steps Local Agencies Can Use to Determine Credential or Degree Equivalency

Head Start and Early Head Start agencies must ensure they have qualified staff in accordance with the Head Start regulations. The Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) include equivalency provisions for some staff roles as part of the educational requirements.

It is the agency’s responsibility to determine equivalency. Local agencies have flexibility in determining and justifying how their employees meet the educational equivalency qualification requirements.

The steps outlined in the following document help guide agencies in the equivalency determination and justification process.

Facilities File Checklist

It is the responsibility of the grantee to provide for construction inspections and supervision to assure the project is being constructed according to contract documents. Program directors and facilities managers can use this sample file checklist as part of their recordkeeping of the project, which can support future audits.

Post-Approval Guidance and Checklist

Learn more about the specific regulations in the Head Start Act and Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) that grantees must comply with when they purchase, construct, or renovate a facility using Head Start grant funds. Use this resource when complying with these regulations.

Implementing a Curriculum with Fidelity: Questions and Answers

In this resource, find answers to common questions about ways to implement a curriculum with fidelity. According to 45 CFR § 1302.32, programs must support staff to effectively implement curricula and “at a minimum monitor curriculum implementation and fidelity.” Learn how education managers, child development specialists, coaches, and program leaders can support early educators. These educators include teachers, family child care providers, and home visitors. Explore how early educators can put a curriculum with fidelity in place, while being responsive to the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of children and families.