Let's Talk About Music

Find out how music can support infants’ and toddlers’ learning in all domains. Learn how adults can adapt songs to fit children’s age and development.

Let's Talk About Movement

Find out how adults can support infants’ and toddlers’ motor development. Learn ways to promote daily, individualized opportunities for movement and active play.

Let's Talk About Routines

Find out how predictable routines help infants and toddlers build a sense of trust and security. Learn tips for creating meaningful routines.

Let's Talk About Nourishment

Explore the relationship between nutrition and nourishment. Learn how to use feedings and mealtimes to support infants’ and toddlers’ overall development.

Let's Talk About Following the Baby

Learn about the importance of following very young children’s leads as they explore their environment. Find out key ways to communicate with infants and toddlers as they learn about their world.

Funds of Knowledge Video

Learn how to gather and use the funds of knowledge for children and families in the classroom. This approach will help staff ensure culturally relevant programming.

Using Data to Inform Teaching

Watch this 15-Minutes In Service Suite video and learn how to use assessment data to inform and adjust your teaching practice.