Early Essentials Webisode 3: Expectant Families

Learn more about the growth and development that happens during the prenatal period. Explore how to build relationships with expectant families and find ways to help them access needed comprehensive services.

Focused Observation

Learn more about the focused observations process in Practice-Based Coaching. Find out how these observations are based on the goals and action plan developed by the coach and coachee.

Shared Goals and Action Planning

Learn about the shared goals and action planning process in the Practice-Based Coaching cycle. Find out how the coach and teacher collaborate to create observable goals and develop action plans to achieve them.

Practice-Based Coaching: Collaborative Partners

In this video, learn how collaborative partnerships are the foundation of Practice-Based Coaching. Find out what collaborative partnerships look like in action and what elements make up strong partnerships.

Reflection and Feedback

Explore the reflection and feedback component of the Practice-Based Coaching cycle. This process occurs when the coach and coachee reflect and discuss feedback from the focused observation.