Bridging the EHS-CC Partnerships Systems by Aligning Standards

Watch as the EHS-CC Partnership grantees and partners share how their individualized approaches to early childhood education systems using the strength of Early Head Start benefit children, families, and staff. Find out how working together has strengthened their partnerships.This is second webinar of the Making Strides series. 


Classroom Transitions

Learn ways to help children use positive behaviors during classroom transitions..

Fostering Early Learning Collaboration

Watch this webinar from Thomas Schultz, who explains the importance of thinking about children’s experiences as they transition from early care settings to public education, specifically kindergarten.

Fostering Early Learning Collaboration: Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch

In her presentation, Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch exposes research findings that demonstrate how children and families experience transitions. She highlights how implementing transition best practices may lead to positive social and academic outcomes for children and better experiences for families.