Children Learning More Than One Language (Science Webcast)

In this brief video clip from The Office of Head Start Discovering Science Webcast Series, Dr. Patton Tabors, a dual language learning expert, describes what teachers may do to support science learning for children who speak different languages.

Health Issues in Head Start: Screening

Screenings help staff catch problems early so children may be referred for further assessment. Watch this webcast to learn how to ensure the screening tools you use are culturally and linguistically appropriate or have been tested with the populations you serve.

Your Vision Screening and Eye Health Program

Uncorrected vision problems can affect a child’s development and school readiness. Learn about evidence-based tools that Head Start and Early Head Start programs can use to screen children’s vision. Also, find free resources that support follow-up care for families.

The Head Start Eligibility Final Rule Webinar

The eligibility final rule became effective March 12, 2015. The Office of Head Start (OHS) hosted a webinar for grantees to review this rule. It served as a refresher around OHS requirements regarding the determination and documentation of a family’s eligibility for Head Start services.

Head Start and Your Dental Practice

This video offers oral health professionals ways to foster strong relationships with families to promote oral health in young children. Explore how to assess the office environment, develop positive relationships, and partner with Head Start staff. Also, find out about how to receive reimbursement and provide preventive services. The video also talks about teaching and learning techniques for caring for young children, including those with special health care needs.

Maximizing Opportunities to Partner with Community Action Agencies

Explore ways to build on opportunities and meet challenges of strengthening the partnerships between Head Start and Early Head Start services and Community Action Agencies (CAA). Find out how to maximize resources and promote the best possible outcomes for families. Learn about strategies, tools, and resources for overcoming barriers to CAA collaboration and coordination.