Increasing Quality Through State Partnerships

In this webinar, the All Our Kin partnership team shares their experiences as one of the 22 teams from the Early Head Start for Family Child Care Demonstration Project. The team discusses working to increase quality through partnership at the state level.

Health Issues in Head Start: Medication Administration Webinar

Head Start programs must meet the Head Start Program Performance Standards on medication administration. View this webinar to learn how to develop a system. Programs will always have children who need medicine administration, so it is critical to have a process in place.

Engaging Fathers in Their Children’s Learning and Development

Find out how staff can partner with fathers to best support their children’s school readiness. Research shows that engaged fathers can have significant positive effects on their children’s cognition, language, and social and emotional development in the preschool years.

Aggregating, Analyzing, Using, and Sharing Data

Explore the third and fourth data activities. Aggregate, disaggregate, and analyze data across time to learn more about the progress families and children are making. Learn strategies for sharing data with different stakeholders.

Preparing and Collecting Data

Dive into the first and second data activities. Learn how to align goals, objectives, and services with related family outcomes from the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework. Find out how to develop data collections plans to gather data you trust.