Using Data to Tell a Story: Tailoring a Data Story for Different Audiences

Explore this tip sheet to learn what building a data story is all about. Data stories can bring numbers and figures to life. They can convey important information to different audiences in a way that promotes listening, understanding, discussion, and decision-making. Find guidance on how to identify your audience and what information they need. Learn how to effectively tell the story of your data in a way that is appealing and easily accessible to your audience. 

Using a Data Narrative to Tell a Story

In this tip sheet, learn about how to develop a data narrative. It is a summary of a set of data that draws conclusions and makes comparisons to explain the meaning of data in detail. Data narratives are helpful when the goal is to clearly and accurately present data that may otherwise be confusing. This tip sheet includes example data and associated narrative. It also provides tips for deciding what to include in your narrative and links to helpful resources.