Community Engagement

The collaboration between early childhood staff, families, and community agencies builds positive relationships. These relationships support parents’ progress toward their goals for themselves and their children.

Bringing Families Together: Building Community

Watch this video for tips that programs can use to bring families together and build a strong sense of community. Sheltering Arms Educare Program in Atlanta, GA shares real-life experiences from their Head Start/Early Head Start program. Discover ways for parents to share experiences and build connections that improve family well-being and contribute to better outcomes for children.

Head Start Timeline

Delve into key moments in Head Start history! Explore the timeline below to access archival photographs, video, resources, and more.

America’s Invisible Children - The Homeless Education Crisis in America

It is a staggering figure, but there are over 1.3 million homeless children in the United States alone. Teachers, family services staff and others who work with families and children will find America’s Invisible Children both informative and alarming. Join Joan Lunden as she looks at the dire state of homeless children and their struggles to get a basic education.

Engaging Fathers

Explore the strategies that Early Education Services in Brattleboro, VT uses to engage fathers in their children's learning and development. In this Head Start and Early Head Start program, dedicated fathers learn from one another and make connections. They also learn to build a community that helps them fulfill their role as one of the most important people in their children's lives.