Curriculum Is Delivered Through Relationships

A research-based curriculum aligned with the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) can support children’s learning. Find out how infants and toddlers learn through play and interacting with caring adults.

Learning Experiences

Children learn by doing. Use these resources to find out how children’s learning experiences build on their natural interests and curiosity about the world and lead to learning and development.

Curriculum Basics

Find resources about how to select and implement a research-based curriculum. Learn  ways teachers, family child care providers, and home visitors can put research-based curriculum and teaching practices to work.

Curriculum Fidelity Resources

Curriculum fidelity refers to how closely programs apply curriculum content and processes as they are designed. Explore this collection of resources to learn more.

Early Childhood Curriculum Resources

Review key features of early childhood curricula, including scope, sequence, and implementation. Find tips and checklists to ensure alignment with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

News You Can Use: Music (Part 2)

Children enjoy hearing, making, and moving to music. Music also supports children's development and connects them to their families and communities. This News You Can Use offers tips and strategies for staff and families on how to use music with infants and toddlers during every day routines and experiences.

News You Can Use: Music (Part 1)

Not only is music enjoyable for infants and toddlers, but it can also provide a connection to home, opportunities to learn, and a way to connect with caring adults. This News You Can Use offers information that may be useful to teachers, home visitors, and parents about how music supports development across domains.