Designation Renewal System

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as required by Congress, established the Designation Renewal System (DRS) to determine whether Head Start and Early Head Start agencies deliver high-quality and comprehensive services to the families they serve.

DRS by the Numbers (2011-2016)

Learn more about DRS. This report provides extensive data, including characteristics of the programs required to compete and the competition outcomes across all four cohorts of DRS implementation. Learn more about past findings by grant size, geography, and grant type, including Tribal grants.

Report on Head Start Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®) Data: Fiscal Years 2012-2015

This report summarizes key information from CLASS Pre-K® monitoring reviews in fiscal years (FY) 2012-2015. National, regional, and state CLASS® scores are presented, as well as information about the characteristics of grantees, teachers, children, and classroom activities that were observed. Throughout the report, questions are posed to help readers think about the efforts their own programs are making toward quality improvement.