Regulations and General Support

Learn about procurement procedures, accessibility guidelines, and other design elements grantees should consider when establishing an early care facility.

Facilities and Learning Environments

Facilities and Learning Environments reinforce the importance of designing and maintaining all facilities so they actively support children and families in both indoor and outdoor environments. Transportation supports the safe and efficient movement of children from one point to another.

Facilities Project Implementation

Learn about the laws and regulations grantees must comply with and the forms they must complete when they purchase, construct, or renovate a facility.

Pro-Children’s Act of 2001

The Pro-Children’s Act of 2001 imposes restrictions on smoking in facilities where federally-funded children’s services are provided. Grantees that are subject to these requirements will find this information useful.


A program’s physical environment supports the quality and quantity of the services it provides. Browse facilities resources that help programs create environments that are conducive to learning.

Pre-Approval Guidance and Checklist

Explore the specific regulations in the Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards that grantees should consider when they want to purchase, construct, or renovate a facility using Head Start grant funds. Use this facilities guidance resource to support the development and analysis of facilities applications in regard to these regulations.

Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Learn about programs and agencies that can help grantees address facilities concerns and the needs of children and families affected by natural and man-made disasters.

Strategic Maintenance Planning Tool

Head Start leaders must develop systems to address the maintenance needs and repair schedules of their facilities. These systems can have significant budgetary implications and should be approached with the same care one would take with any major purchase. Use this facilities guidance tool to help with data-informed decision-making in implementing sound business practices.