Engaging Fathers Viewer's Guide

This brief tool offers guidelines for individual viewers to use with the Engaging Fathers video. It provides an overview of the video, highlights PFCE Framework strategies and outcomes to watch for, and lists a few questions for the viewer to consider.

Section 2 Understanding Children’s Needs

Head Start has a long and rich history of supporting the healthy development of young children. While we know that the development of children is individual, experts seem to agree that there are some key needs that must be met for children to develop in optimal ways. This session is designed to help professionals explore the seven needs outlined by early childhood experts, Brazelton and Greenspan and discuss strategies for meeting these needs in families, communities and classrooms.

Father Engagement is Everybody’s Business Webinar

This webinar introduces a new resource from the Office of Head Start, Head Start Father Engagement: A Birth to Five Programming Guide. Presenters draw on the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework to identify systemic and integrated strategies for father engagement. They provide an overview of current research, discuss program planning, and identify professional development activities that will support program efforts.

Las Manos de Apá Resources

This set of resources is designed to support Latino fathers as early literacy models for their children. The resources outline creating father-friendly environments, building community supports, sharing stories, and supporting early literacy for young children. Head Start and Early Head Start staff may find these practice models useful when working with Latino fathers. Many of the resources and activities are in English and Spanish.