Non-Federal Share Narrative

Find information about Non-federal matching information and explanations of difficult fiscal issues such as contributions, disallowances, documentation, in-kind, and volunteer services. Head Start administrators and grantees may use this helpful information to guide their work.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer hours must be calculated at the rates of other employees who perform similar work, such as a teacher’s aide or teacher’s assistant for documenting in-kind contributions. Grantees will find this information useful when preparing to document their 20 percent share of the grant.

Notice of Grant Award

Notice of grant award is a legal document given to the intended organization that indicates an award has been made and that funds may be requested from the designated HHS payment system or office. The notice of grant award shows the amount of Federal funds authorized for obligation and the budget period for the approved project. Grantees will find this information helpful, which outlines the conditions of their grant awards.

Real Property Status Report (SF-429)

As described in ACF-IM-HS-15-01 Real Property Reporting and Request Requirements, all grantees, including those with no covered real property, are instructed to use and submit standard form (SF) Real Property Status Repoty 429. It includes the following real property reporting and request forms: Note: These resources are under review.

Documenting In-Kind Contributions

Under a grant, the valuation of personal services, materials, equipment, buildings, and land must be verifiable from supporting records of the recipient, subrecipient, or contractor. Grantees and delegate agencies will find this resource useful when documenting volunteer services.