First Aid and Emergency Supplies

The facility should maintain up-to-date first aid and emergency supplies in each location in which children are cared. First aid kits or supplies should be restocked after each use.

Lifesaving Equipment

Each swimming pool more than six feet in width, length, or diameter should be provided with a ring buoy and rope, a rescue tube, or a throwing line and a shepherd's hook that will not conduct electricity. This equipment should be long enough to reach the center of the pool from the edge of the pool, kept in good repair, and stored safely and conveniently for immediate access. Caregivers/teachers should be trained on the proper use of this equipment. Children should be familiarized with the use of the equipment based on their developmental level.

First Aid and CPR Training for Staff

All staff members involved in providing direct care to children should have up-to-date documentation of satisfactory completion of training in pediatric first aid and current certification in pediatric CPR. Records of successful completion of training in pediatric first aid and CPR should be maintained in the personnel files of the facility.