Human Resources

Head Start programs are only as good as their people. Explore the resources on this topic to ensure that staff members and volunteers have the credentials and competencies needed to provide quality Head Start services.

Improving Child Outcomes in Areas Related to School Readiness

This document describes the experience of a county grantee serving nearly 600 Head Start and Early Head Start children in engaging a consultant to help staff increase their knowledge and competence as a means to improve child outcomes in areas related to school readiness goals.

Head Start Acronyms

Head Start programs are administered by a federal agency in which other state and local agencies with similar standards and regulations collaborate to share resources. This resource provides a list of acronyms associated with these collaborating agencies and program services.

Strengthening the Self-Assessment Process

This document describes how a large, nonprofit corporation operating Head Start, Early Head Start, and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start programs in several states utilized internal talent to provide coaching and mentoring support to program managers across the organization as they worked to adopt a consistent and more comprehensive continuous-improvement approach to self-assessment.

Strengthening the Family Partnership Agreement Process

This document describes how a school district grantee operating Head Start and Early Head Start programs under blending funding engaged a consultant to work with program staff, Policy Council members, and community partners to help develop and implement a more comprehensive and strengths-based family partnership agreement process.

Supporting Children’s Spanish Language Development

This document describes the experience of a large urban program in hiring an external consultant to assist Head Start and Early Head Start program staff in developing skills that support the Spanish language development of children whose primary home language is Spanish.

Initiating Early Head Start Services

This document and accompanying video clip describe the experience of a rural, upstate New York program in working with a consultant who helped train staff in Early Head Start (EHS) requirements and best practices in preparation for opening an EHS program.