Documentation-Volunteers Services

Grantees and delegate agencies will find this resource useful when documenting volunteer services. An agency's volunteer services should be documented similarly as for its employees, including time and attendance records or activity sheets.

Organizational Leadership

Leadership and governance are the bedrocks of effective management. Head Start program leadership consists of three key entities: the governing body/Tribal Council (i.e., legal and fiscal responsibilities); Policy Council/parent committees (i.e., set program direction); and management staff (i.e., day-to-day operations). 

Governance, Leadership, and Oversight Capacity Screener

Organizations that accept federal funds to operate Head Start or Early Head Start programs must have strong governance systems. These systems help to safeguard federal dollars and provide oversight and direction to the Head Start program. This screener organizes the Head Start requirements. Using this resource, organizations can identify where they need to make changes and build capacity to fulfill their Head Start governance responsibilities.


Discover resources that highlight the importance of effective internal and external communication and provide strategies for enhancing your communication system.

What Is Leadership

This Management Matters presentation and the reflection questions that accompany it are designed to help directors, governing body and Policy Council members, managers, and staff members:

  • Consider ways that the function of leadership is different from other work you do
  • Identify opportunities to lead, regardless of the position you hold in your organization

Head Start Program Planning Cycle

Program planning is one of the 10 Head Start management systems. It is key to operating an effective and high quality Head Start or Early Head Start program. This Management Matters video presentation and supporting materials focus on the Head Start Program Planning Cycle.