Documentation-Volunteers Services

Grantees and delegate agencies will find this resource useful when documenting volunteer services. An agency's volunteer services should be documented similarly as for its employees, including time and attendance records or activity sheets.

Organizational Leadership

Leadership and governance are the bedrocks of effective management. Head Start program leadership consists of three key entities: the governing body/Tribal Council (i.e., legal and fiscal responsibilities); Policy Council/parent committees (i.e., set program direction); and management staff (i.e., day-to-day operations). 

Management Systems

The Head Start Management Systems Wheel is a visual representation of the 12 program management, planning, and oversight systems that are critical to high-quality service delivery.

Recordkeeping and Reporting

Recordkeeping and reporting are intertwined into a single Head Start management system. They are key to a program's ability to gather and use data effectively. It is in the intersection of recordkeeping and reporting that programs turn data into information.

Community and Self-Assessment

Community and self-assessment systems highlight the two starting points for the program planning process. Community assessment is the initial focus on external factors for new and existing programs, ensuring they are providing the right services to the right population. Self-assessment, with its focus on internal factors like ongoing monitoring data, supports the continuous quality improvement process which occurs annually.

CARE Package

The Head Start A to Z: CARE Package was thoughtfully organized to support new and current leaders. Leadership is a big responsibility. This care package offers tools that encourage leaders to step back and reflect. The resources serve as a reminder and offer tips to help you take care of yourself.


Communication is at the heart of leadership and includes relationship-building. An effective communication system connects stakeholders, as well as the 10 Head Start management systems. Each person involved in the organization has something to contribute to the whole. This includes managers, teachers, parents, governing body members, and others. Communication is integral to building the relationships we need to work together toward success. As a leader, it is your responsibility to foster these relationships. You need to promote and model strong, positive communication among all stakeholders.