Choosing a Parenting Curriculum: Lessons Learned

In this webinar, learn more about how to choose and use a parenting curriculum that can help families. Explore how using this curriculum can support parents as they build and practice parenting skills.

Implementing Parenting Curricula

Learn about the stages of implementation that are recommended to achieve a successful experience with the chosen parenting curriculum.


Use the resources on this page to increase your knowledge about parenting programs that are most likely to be effective with families of young children in the settings where you work. Find tips and strategies for how to implement these programs well.

Exploring Parenting Curricula Options

Explore these useful resources and links that will assist you in the search of the parenting curriculum that better fits the needs of the families in your program.

Implementing Parenting Interventions: A Guide

Learn about the steps and best practices for selecting and implementing a parenting intervention with this easy-to-use tool for programs, states, and child care network leaders. The guidebook is a companion to the Compendium of Parenting Interventions.