Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey

Use this nine-phase interactive learning module to walk through through the process of planning and executing an annual Head Start program self-assessment.

Conducting Public Forums and Listening Sessions

Nothing ensures the success of a program more than community participation in assessing their perceived needs, strengths, and hopes for the future. Programs can use this resource to plan and coordinate their community assessment. It provides insight into public forums and listening sessions. Learn how to conduct them to engage your community in identifying and solving problems.

Data in Head Start and Early Head Start: Digging Into Data

Do you sometimes wonder how you can use your program's data  to decide on new priorities? Are you frequently stumped by questions from  governing body or Policy Council members about program activities? Do you get  easily overwhelmed by the statistics in reports from your information  management system? Do you wonder how you can better use your annual report and  presentations in the community to tell your program's story?  If you answered yes to any of these  questions, this interactive training module is for you.

Five Steps to Community Assessment: A Workbook for Head Start and Early Head Start Programs Serving Hispanic and Other Emerging Populations

The Community Assessment Workbook presents the five steps on how to conduct a thorough and up-to-date community assessment. The Workbook will help programs identify new or underserved populations in the service area, assess their needs and identify available resources. Head Start and Early Head Start grantees will find this resource useful in coordinating and executing their community assessment.


Self-Assessment: Your Annual Journey - Overview

Financing Facilities

A coalition is presented of non-profit financial and Technical Assistance (TA) intermediaries involved in planning, developing, and financing facilities for low-income child care and Head Start programs. Grantees looking for new funding resources to support their goals and objectives will find this information useful.