Home Visitor’s Online Handbook

Explore this handbook to find research on home-based programs, strategies for best practices, video examples, and resources, along with wisdom from home visitors across the country.

Ethical Considerations for Home Visiting

The intimacy of working with families in their homes, with no other professionals present, can sometimes lead to confusing situations. Find ways to handle issues as they arise, by having program policies in place.

Research on Home Visiting

Explore research on home visiting programs and the Early Head Start home-based program option. Find out how positive outcomes appear in different degrees, in different program models, and for different populations. 

Requirements of the Home-Based Option

In this section of the Home Visitor Handbook, learn about the Head Start Program Performance Standards that provide the general requirements of the home-based option.

Comprehensive Services of All Head Start Programs

Head Start and Early Head Start programs provide comprehensive child development and family support services. Learn how programs can enhance children’s physical, social and emotional, and intellectual development.

Head Start Tip Sheets for Grantee Planning

Use these tip sheets to find ways to support grantee planning. Explore what to consider when implementing systems, policies, and practices around topics from developmental screening to home-based programs and more.