Supporting the A in STEAM with Infants and Toddlers

From an early age, the arts can help children communicate and connect. Discover how arts experiences support young children's development across the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework domains.

Additional Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about how infants and toddlers learn through play and ways to support their school readiness.


Learn more about school readiness. Explore these references in The Foundations for School Readiness: Fostering Developmental Competence in the Earliest Years, Technical Assistance Paper No. 6.

Appendix A: Observation Handout

Use this handout with education staff and families to identify interactions with infants and toddlers. Consider how they support development in the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) domains and sub-domains.


The foundations for school readiness are set in the earliest years of life. Learn ways infants and toddlers acquire the skills they will need for success in school.

Relationships Facilitate Learning

Discover how infants and toddlers learn through relationships with caring adults. Learn ways secure relationships help children feel safe, secure, and confident, while supporting their learning.

From Research to Practice: Implications for Programs

Explore the critical link between infants’ and toddlers’ social and emotional development and their early learning. Learn how this connection can help self-regulate, communicate and learn, and get along with peers.