Approaches Infant

Goal IT-ATL 1. Child manages feelings and emotions with support of familiar adults.

Head Start Approach to School Readiness: FAQs

The Head Start Approach to School Readiness means that children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children's learning, and schools are ready for children.

What is Quality Data for Programs Serving Infants and Toddlers?

Head Start programs serving infants and toddlers collect data – lots of data... Children develop rapidly during the first three years of life. Families’ needs change just as rapidly. To ensure that programs are responsive to children’s and families’ evolving needs and that children and families are ad equately supported in reaching their goals, staff collect and track a substantial amount of information (or “data”). These data are used to inform pro - gram planning and decision making at the child and program levels.

PFCE Interactive Framework

The Office of Head Start (OHS) Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework is a road map for progress. It is a research-based approach to program change. It is designed to help Head Start programs achieve outcomes that lead to positive and enduring change for children and families.