Child Screening & Assessment

Presentations for Managers

These presentations are aimed at directors and managers to help them address concepts that are important for their leadership role in assessment. The presentation includes information on how to set up assessment systems, support teachers' assessment activities, and how to use assessment information to make decisions.

Getting Ready to Get the Most Out of Your Child Assessments
Examine the importance of enacting a leadership role in planning and organizing for assessment, and assuring assessment quality.

But What Does It All Mean?
Focus on key concepts and terms associated with research, the use of data and understanding how to examine and interpret data. The information is intended to leave managers feeling empowered to make the best decisions for the children in their programs and to take part in the discussions that shape the priorities of their program.

*Each presentation has an associated script. If only one segment of a particular presentation is necessary for your training session, feel free to break it apart. Presentations are provided in two formats (PDF and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint) to allow you the flexibility to customize them to better meet your program's needs.

Last Updated: June 8, 2018