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Welcome to the Learning from Assessment (LFA) Toolkit

The LFA Toolkit is a collection of presentations, handouts, guided practice exercises, and descriptions of additional resources designed to support program staff in enhancing, conducting, and interpreting child assessments. It builds upon the assessment knowledge and expertise programs already possess, and the materials can be used selectively to design trainings that will meet programs' particular needs.

No matter what tools are being used to assess children in a program, the materials can expand a program's capacity to gather and use information to identify its strengths and needs and improve outcomes for children and their learning environments. The LFA Toolkit is NOT an assessment instrument nor is it intended to replace what programs are already doing.

This website will allow you to access all of the LFA Toolkit resources. It is divided into the following sections, accessed by selecting the tabs above:

  1. Getting Started: Materials to assist you with developing a deeper understanding of the LFA Toolkit, how it is organized, how it can be used with your program, and where to begin based upon your program's needs.
  2. Presentations: Presentations for managers and teachers that discuss the importance of conducting frequent child assessment and highlights key strategies and concepts for gaining the most from the information you collect.
  3. Guided Practices: Exercises intended for use by managers and education coordinators in training sessions with teachers on data collection, analysis, and planning.
  4. Resources: Additional materials to support your use of the LFA Toolkit and ongoing child assessment activities.
  5. New Materials: New resources developed by the OHS National Centers to further enhance the content of the LFA Toolkit to ensure it addresses the current needs of programs, as well as reflects best practices and research associated with ongoing child assessment activities. As new resources are developed, they will be introduced under this tab prior to being added to the appropriate section of the toolkit.

So, let’s start exploring the LFA toolkit. Select the "Getting Started" tab above. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The LFA Toolkit was developed before the release of both the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework in 2015 and the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework in 2010. As a result, you will find references in the toolkit to items associated with its predecessor; the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework released in 2003. Although this is the case, please know that the principles are still applicable to the ongoing child assessment practices and systems in which programs are engaged. OHS will be adding resources to the toolkit to further enhance its content to ensure it addresses the current needs of programs, as well as reflects best practices and research associated with ongoing child assessment activities.

Last Updated: June 7, 2018