Children with Disabilities

Special Equipment

special equipment on a floor

This in-service suite offers strategies for using special equipment. These strategies help to increase the participation of children who need more support or challenge. Discover examples that illustrate what the strategies look like in the classroom.

Supporting Materials

Tips for Teachers [PDF, 479KB]

Tools for Supervisors [PDF, 77KB]

Helpful Resources [PDF, 93KB]

Materials for Trainers

Presentation [PPTX, 76MB]

Optional Slide [PPTX, 24MB]

Presenter Notes [PDF, 2.1MB]

Learning Activity: Access and Participation [PDF, 122KB]

Learning Activity: View and Share (Optional) [PDF, 132KB]

Learning Activity: My Thoughts (Optional) [PDF, 80KB]

To view these materials without Internet access, download Curriculum Modifications: Special Equipment 15-minute In-service Suite [ZIP, 101MB]. Please ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before downloading.

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Last Updated: June 7, 2018