Building Relationships with Families

Families are the enduring presence in the lives of young children with disabilities. This volume contains activities to support early care and education staff and families in developing positive relationships that support collaboration and family leadership.

Session 1: Creating Bright Futures (Building Relationships with Families)

Session 2: Listening to Families

Session 3: When Concerns Arise: Learning from Families' Experiences

Session 4: Getting Services Started

Session 5: Developing Family-Service Provider Collaboration

Session 6: Opening Doors to Family Leadership

Session 7: Developing Family-Service Provider Leadership

Session 8: The Individualized Family Service Plan Process

Session 9: Planning to Serve the Diego Family


To play the videos for a training session or seminar without Internet access, download the .zip package and save the files to your computer, mobile phone, or tablet notebook.

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Last Updated: December 3, 2019