Training Suites on Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities

Routines-based Assessment and Planning

Two women sitting on the floor caring for two infants.Routines-based assessment and planning is a process for using typical daily routines to individualize teaching by identifying a child’s strengths and needs. It’s also a process for using those routines as the context for implementing opportunities for learning and practice. Using routines-based assessment and planning can provide education staff with an authentic picture of how a child participates and functions in their different environments and with different people. This can help provide a complete picture of the child’s skills and knowledge across domains of learning and development. Use the presentation slides, presenter notes, learning activities, and other handouts to support education staff to learn about routines-based assessment and its associated benefits, and see step-by-step guidance for implementing routines-based assessment and planning.

Presentation and Presenter Notes

Activities and Handouts

Learning Activities

Tips and Tools for Educators

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