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Community Engagement and Assessment

Find strategies to ensure vulnerable and underserved populations are included in your community assessments.

Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) in Early Head Start and Head Start: Reaching Emerging Refugee and Immigrant Populations

This resource can help Head Start and Early Head Start programs include refugee and immigrant families in their community assessments. It also will assist them in collaborating with Refugee Resettlement and other immigrant agencies. Review ERSEA requirements from the Head Start Program Performance Standards to ensure that programs know about the most vulnerable and underserved populations in their community.

Talking Points: Head Start and Refugee Provider Communication Guide

This toolkit is designed to promote effective partnerships between Head Start and Refugee Resettlement agencies. It provides essential background on both programs. The toolkit also suggests questions each program can ask the other to ensure needed information is exchanged.

Talking Points User Guide
This companion guide includes program information, steps to follow, and key resources to increase networking between Early Head Start and Head Start and Refugee Resettlement programs.



The Arizona Refugee Head Start Project is a short video that illustrates the benefit of Head Start for refugee children and families. It highlights the collaboration between an Arizona Head Start grantee, a refugee resettlement program, and other agencies to support the unique needs and success of refugee families and their young children.

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