Culture and Language

Planned Language Approach: Book Knowledge and Print Concepts

Young children start to develop book knowledge and print concepts long before they can read. They learn about the written forms of the language or languages that adults share with them. Book knowledge is the understanding of how books and print work, like how to turn the pages of a book. Print awareness is the understanding that print is speech written down. Learn specific strategies to support book knowledge for children who are dual language learners who also have a disability or suspected delays. Explore these resources to learn more about how young children build these key skills and how parents and families can help children develop them.


Teacher reading to toddlersSelecting and Using Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Books

Use these resources for strategies on how to use bilingual books or books in languages that are unfamiliar to you. Steps to evaluate books for stereotypes and bias are also provided. Find bibliographies of culturally and linguistically appropriate books for preschool children, as well as links to websites for books in world languages.

Additional Resources

Review Exploring Joan Talks: A Resource Guide for Training and Technical Assistance Providers when using Joan Talks about the Big 5 to help Head Start and child care programs implement a Planned Language Approach.

Watch the Focus on Book Knowledge and Print Concepts webinar to learn more about this topic.