Culture and Language

Planned Language Approach: Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness focuses on the sounds of the words that children hear, versus the written symbols they see. Two other Big 5 skills, Alphabet Knowledge and Early Writing and Book Knowledge and Print Concepts, focus on written symbols—letters and words. Phonological awareness skills include the ability to hear, identify, make, and work with the sounds and sound patterns of spoken language. By playing with words and sounds in different ways, caregivers and teachers can support children’s phonological awareness, which will one day help them read. Learn specific strategies to support Phonological Awareness for children who are dual language learners who also have a disability or suspected delays.

Additional Resources

Review Exploring Joan Talks: A Resource Guide for Training and Technical Assistance Providers when using Joan Talks About the Big 5 to help Head Start and child care programs implement a Planned Language Approach.

Watch the Focus on Phonological Awareness webinar to learn more about this topic.