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Raising Young Children in a New Country: Early Learning and Healthy Development Handbook

Note: These resources are under review in order to update the Head Start Program Performance Standards references.

Graphic of immigrant familiesThis handbook provides families with information on six themes: family well-being, health and safety, healthy brain development, early learning and school readiness, guidance and discipline, and family engagement in early care and education. Programs serving refugee families, newly arrived immigrant families, and others may use this resource with parents to help ease their transition to a new country. Available in Arabic (العربية), Nepali, and Somali.

Ways to Use the Handbook

Ways to Use Raising Young Children in a New Country: Supporting Early Learning and Healthy Development Handbook is a tool designed to support Head Start and Early Head Start, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS), Refugee Resettlement staff, and other early care and education providers in using and applying concepts from the Handbook. It includes staff self-reflection activities, team planning strategies, and approaches to family engagement. Available in Arabic (العربية).

Handbook Tip Sheets

These tip sheets correspond to the themes in the Handbook and include conversation starters, cultural considerations, and additional resources for each theme.

Family Well-Being

Safety and Protection

Guidance and Discipline

Healthy Brain Development

Early Learning and School Readiness

Connecting to Early Care and Education

Additional Resources