How is the data used?

Your program will need to analyze and interpret its DLLPA results. Consider trying several of these approaches to using your data:

You will notice the management systems and program service areas identified in the DLLPA reflect those in the Head Start Management Systems Wheel. They are also integrated into the culturally and linguistically responsive practices you rated.
  • Look at the ratings within each section to develop a set of goals and priorities for that particular system or service area
  • Rank the section totals from lowest to highest
    • Low scores indicate areas of likely program improvement
    • Discuss goals and priorities
  • Review all "Notes" and use the information to support your planning and assessment
  • Compare the data from the DLLPA to information identified in your program planning and community assessment processes
  • Determine your next action items
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Access resources to help your program implement improvements

Use this information for a variety of management purposes:

  • Identify program strengths
  • Identify continuous improvement goals and strategies
  • Plan training and professional development opportunities
  • Write reports
  • Prepare re-funding applications and grant proposals
  • Track progress through ongoing monitoring

Using the results of the DLLPA can help your program ensure a coordinated approach for children who are DLLs and their families. By building stronger systems and services, your program can help ensure a culturally and linguistically responsive environment for all children and their families.

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