Curriculum Fidelity Resources

Curriculum fidelity refers to how closely programs apply curriculum content and processes as designed. It is key to ensuring interactions and activities result in children’s learning and school readiness. Explore this page for information on curriculum fidelity.

Standards in Action: Curriculum Fidelity

Review the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) on curriculum fidelity (45 CFR §§ 1302.32(a)(2) and 1302.35(d)(2)) in this Standards in Action vignette. It features a fictional grantee and highlights how program leaders work with others to meet the standards. Staff can use it to reflect on and identify the most appropriate ways to put the standards into practice in their own program.

Implementing a Curriculum with Fidelity: Questions and Answers

Find answers to common questions about ways to implement a curriculum with fidelity. Learn how education managers, coaches, program leaders, and others can support early educators while being responsive to children’s cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Supporting Staff to Effectively Implement Curricula

To implement a curriculum effectively, staff must understand how to use it responsively, intentionally, and with fidelity. Discover tips for developing a system of training and professional development that supports education staff in their efforts. Use this resource to implement curricula in ways that meet the HSPPS.

Implementation of Curriculum with Fidelity Webinar

Explore key features of programs that implement curricula with fidelity and research about why it is important. This webinar may help Head Start administrators, teachers, home visitors, and child care partners implement the HSPPS related to curriculum fidelity.

It's in the Details: Using Practice-Based Coaching to Support Curriculum Fidelity

Watch this Coaching Corner webinar to increase your understanding of curriculum fidelity. Learn how practice-based coaching can support curriculum fidelity. Identify teaching practices and strategies to support it in the classroom.

Head Start Curriculum Fidelity

Use this document to understand and explore several aspects of curriculum fidelity in one place. Learn to develop curriculum implementation supports to meet related HSPPS.


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