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Data & Ongoing Monitoring

The Head Start Program Performance Standards prescribe the management of program data and support its availability, usability, integrity, and security. A program must establish procedures on data management, and through ongoing assessment, use data to effectively oversee progress toward addressing program needs, evaluate compliance, and successfully achieve program goals.

What Is Quality Data?

Find out what quality data is and why it is important for programs serving infants and toddlers.

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Using Data to Support Family Progress

Programs collect and use data to support family progress. Measuring What Matters resources assist in the gathering, analyzing, and sharing of data with families while honoring their voices and diverse perspectives.

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Ongoing Monitoring

In these resources, leaders will discover how ongoing monitoring results are used as a data source for self-assessment and continuous improvement.

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New Data on Improving Quality in Head Start Programs

Four reports provide evidence that, since the last reauthorization, quality in Head Start programs has increased across the country.

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Data and Ongoing Monitoring

Last Updated: July 16, 2018