Data & Ongoing Monitoring

Measuring Relationship Quality

The Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality (FPTRQ) Measures are comprehensive tools that help programs assess relationships. Use them to look at the relationships between families and providers, teachers, and family services staff for children birth to 5 years of age. They are available in both English and Spanish.

The FPTRQ Measures can be used in all the different Head Start and Early Head Start program options. They also are appropriate for use in center- and home-based child care programs.

Getting Started

FPTRQ Measures: Filling Gaps for Research and Practice

Read this short introduction to the FPTRQ project. Explore background information about the measures, including the development process, purpose, implications, and uses.

FPTRQ Measures: User's Manual

Learn in-depth ways to use the FPTRQ Measures in your work with families. Read an overview on why these measures are important and how they were developed, as well as important considerations to keep in mind when using them.

For Practitioners – Quality Connections in Early Care and Education: Measuring Relationships between Families and Providers or Teachers

Watch this webinar about using the FPTRQ project to measure relationships between families and teachers and other providers. It was specifically designed for practitioners who want to learn more about each specific measure, as well as how to administer and score the measures.

Using the FPTRQ Measures

Development of a Measure of Family and Provider/Teacher Relationship Quality (FPTRQ), 2010-2015 

Explore these measures to assess and improve the relationships that program staff and family members have with one another. They come in both short and long forms. The short forms may be useful for special circumstances that do not allow the use of the FPTRQ full measures; however, for the most comprehensive collection of information, we strongly recommend the use of the full forms.