Data & Ongoing Monitoring

Measuring What Matters

Young girl measuring her height.Using data to track family and program progress is an essential part of strengthening parent, family, and community engagement (PFCE). Explore this three-part webinar series from the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE) to learn how programs can use data to track progress toward expected family outcomes and to make program improvements.

Learn to:

  • Use the Measuring What Matters Exercises in Data Management Series to support your work with PFCE data and the four data activities
  • Honor families in the process of setting program goals
  • Understand the difference between measures of effort and measures of effect as they relate to PFCE practices
  • Analyze PFCE data over time in order to track progress toward program goals
  • Understand the importance of sharing PFCE data in accurate, appealing, and accessible ways

Webinar Series

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1. Preparing and Collecting Data

Dive into the first and second data activities. Learn how to align goals, objectives, and services with related family outcomes from the PFCE Framework. Find out how to develop data collections plans to gather data you trust.

2. Aggregating, Analyzing, Using, and Sharing Data

Explore the third and fourth data activities. Aggregate, disaggregate, and analyze data across time to learn more about the progress families and children are making. Learn strategies for sharing data with different stakeholders.

3. Lessons from the Field on PFCE Data and Partnering with Families to Measure Progress

Hear from other Head Start and Early Head Start programs around the country about their experiences with PFCE data and the four data activities.