Data & Ongoing Monitoring

Program Information Report (PIR)

PIR logoThe Office of Head Start (OHS) Program Information Report (PIR) provides comprehensive data on the services, staff, children, and families served by Head Start and Early Head Start programs nationwide. All grant recipients and delegates are required to submit a PIR for Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

2021–2022 PIR Collection Documents

2021-2022 PIR Change Summary

  • Attendance questions A.22 and A.23 are placeholders; there is no data required for the 2021–2022 PIR.
  • Questions B.11, Average Salary, and B.12, Classroom Teacher Salary, have switched order.
  • Question, B.17.C, has been added to Education and Child Development Staff Turnover to identify the number of teachers who left the program in turnover.
  • A list of titles has been added in a dropdown lookup for question C.30.e, Parenting Curriculum for Building on the Parents' Knowledge and Skill.

Services Snapshots

Services Snapshots summarize annual PIR data. National Services Snapshots are available to download here:

If you are interested in a Services Snapshot for a program near you, use the Program Service Reports search tool.

Access to PIR Data

The PIR is an important source of descriptive and service data for the Head Start community, their partners, Congress, and for the general public. PIR data is compiled for use at the federal, regional, state, and local levels.

The full PIR data set, prior year reports, and PIR forms are available to the public on request.

Contact the Head Start Enterprise System (HSES) help desk to request access.

HSES Help Desk
Toll-free: 866-771-4737 Local: 571-429-4858
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET (excluding federal holidays and weather-related federal office closures)

Current HSES users have access to the full PIR data set via the Reports tab at