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Program Information Report (PIR)

PIR logoThe Office of Head Start (OHS) PIR provides comprehensive data on the services, staff, children, and families served by Head Start and Early Head Start programs nationwide. All recipients and delegates must submit a PIR for their Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

Find answers to 2023–2024 PIR FAQs.

2023–2024 PIR Collection Documents

The 2023–2024 PIR is now open in the Head Start Enterprise System (HSES).

The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law on March 23, 2024, included new flexibilities for determining eligibility for American Indian Alaska Native (AIAN) and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) programs. AIAN and MSHS programs are encouraged to report families eligible per the new flexibilities using categories A.13.e and A.13.f when necessary.

2023–2024 PIR Change Summary

  • Minor text revisions to reflect 2023–2024 and grammar edits in instructions and questions
  • A.2 — Revised sub-questions A.2.a.1–A.2.a.3 to reflect full-working-day, full-calendar- year, and center-based program options
  • A.10 — Instruction and question header updated to remove “At Enrollment” for clarification purposes
  • A.13 and A.14 — Section, instructions, and question changed to the primary type of documentation used for determining eligibility for clarification purposes
    • Primary documentation used to determine eligibility counted separately, including TANF, SSI, and SNAP
  • B.8 and B.9 — Added B.8.a.1 number of home visitors and B.9.a.1 number of family childcare providers that hold baccalaureate or advanced degrees
  • B.17 — Updated B.17 text to reflect “Classroom Teachers” and B.17.c to align with the “classroom teachers” definition
  • C.10 — Updated to reflect the 2022 version of the CDC Body-Mass-Index-for-age growth charts
  • C.14 — Medical services section changed to medical and well-being services – pregnant women (Early Head Start [EHS] programs)
  • New C.14.c added — schedule a newborn visit within two weeks following the infant’s birth
    • Renumbered current 2023 C.14.c – C.14.j to 2024 C.14.d – C.14.k
  • C.17 New section and questions — newborn visit – pregnant women (EHS programs) C.18–C.20 Renumbered and revised oral health section, previously 2023 C.17–C.20
    • 2024 C.18–C.20 Oral health questions applicable to all programs
    • Changed oral health section instructions and questions to reflect “oral care”
  • 2023 C.20 discontinued – ending the renumbering impact from the 2024 C.17–C.20 revisions

2024–2025 Advanced Copy PIR

There are currently no changes to the 2024-2025 PIR.

Services Snapshots

Services Snapshots summarize annual PIR data. National Services Snapshots are available to download here:

If you are interested in a Services Snapshot for a program near you, use the Agency Service Profile search tool. After finding the grant recipient, select "grantee profile", then "retrieve reports."

Access to PIR Data

The PIR is an important source of descriptive and service data for the Head Start community, their partners, Congress, and the general public. PIR data is compiled and used at the federal, regional, state, and local levels.

The full PIR data set, prior year reports, and forms are available to the public upon request. Contact the HSES help desk to request access.

HSES Help Desk
Email: help at hsesinfo dot org
Toll-free: 866-771-4737 
Local: 571-429-4858 
Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–7 p.m. ET (excluding federal holidays and weather-related federal office closures)

Current HSES users can access the full PIR data set via the Reports tab at