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Program Information Report (PIR): Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Program Information

A.3 through A.8 - Funded Enrollment – Funded enrollment by program option – children

A.10 - Funded Enrollment - Funded enrollment at child care partner

A.13 and A.14 - Cumulative Enrollment - Children by age and pregnant women

A.16 - Cumulative Enrollment - Type of eligibility

A.19 through A.23 - Cumulative Enrollment - Transition and Turnover

B. Program Staff and Qualifications

B.1 and B.3 through B.29 - Total Staff, Management Staff, Child Development Staff, Non-Supervisory Child Development Staff, and Family & Community Partnership Staff, Education & Child Development Management Staff

B.5 and B.8 – Child Development Staff - Preschool child development staff - qualifications (HS and Migrant programs) and Infant and toddler child development staff - qualifications (EHS and Migrant programs)

C. Child & Family Services

C.8.a and C.9 - Health Services - Medical services - children

C.20 - Health Services - Infant and toddler preventive dental services (EHS and Migrant programs)

C.54 and C.55 - Family and Community Partnerships - Local education agency (LEA)

Topic:Data and Ongoing Monitoring


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Last Updated: July 13, 2018