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Program Information Report (PIR): Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains frequently asked questions regarding the 2019–2020 PIR. Submit all new questions to the Head Start Enterprise System (HSES) help desk at


A. Program Information

A.3 through A.8 - Funded Enrollment – Funded enrollment by program option – children

A.10 – Funded Enrollment – Funded enrollment at child care partner

A.13 and A.14 – Cumulative Enrollment – Children by age and pregnant women

A.16 - Cumulative Enrollment – Type of eligibility

A.19 through A.23 – Cumulative Enrollment – Transition and Turnover

B. Program Staff and Qualifications

B.1 and B.3 through B.29 – Total Staff, Management Staff, Child Development Staff, Non-Supervisory Child Development Staff, and Family & Community Partnership Staff, Education & Child Development Management Staff

B.5 and B.8 – Child Development Staff – Preschool child development staff - qualifications (HS and Migrant programs) and Infant and toddler child development staff - qualifications (EHS and Migrant programs)

C. Child & Family Services

C.8.a and C.9 – Health Services – Medical services - children

C.20 – Health Services – Infant and toddler preventive dental services (EHS and Migrant programs)

C.54 and C.55 Family and Community Partnerships – Local education agency (LEA)