Help - Read the Guide

Navigating the Guide

Scroll through each reader page using the left/right side navigation arrows or the arrow buttons located on your keyboard.

Jump to a specific section of guide uisng the color coded tabs along the top of the reader.

Clicking on the Contents button (to the right of the tabs) presents a drop down table of contents with links.

View in Full Screen mode by selecting the Full Screen tool located in the upper right corner.

Bookmark any reader page by selecting the Click to bookmark this page button located in the upper right corner. This button will present red when a bookmark is created. All bookmarks are captured on your Dashboard.

Print the reader pages by selecting the Print this page button.

Adding Notes

Select the Add Note button to create your note. Click the Save button when complete.

Clicking on the Reveal notes pencil icon button reveals all notes in the right margain of the reader guide. The number of notes created will appear in the Reveal notes button. All notes are captured on your Dashboard.

Next Steps

Start a PFCE Assessment by clicking on the Begin Your Assessment button located in the ASSESS section of the reader.

image - reader-beginassessmentbutton.jpg

Create an Action Plan by clicking on the fillable Action Plan PDF form link located in the PLAN section of the Reader.

image - fillableActionPlan.jpg