ERSEA Institute 2022

The ERSEA Institute 2022 professional development sessions are designed to support eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and  attendance (ERSEA) priorities while offering opportunities to reflect on the roots, resilience, and relationships of Head Start children, families, and staff in an ever-changing landscape.

Topics for the Institute include:

  • Best practices in implementing Head Start Program Performance Standards around ERSEA
  • The Management Systems Wheel to inform a systemic approach to ERSEA
  • Using the community assessment to select key data to support ERSEA decisions
  • Ways to use the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework to enhance leaders’ and program staff’s ERSEA services
  • Innovative marketing strategies to promote the incredible impact of Head Start programs for children and families
  • Strengthening connections among families, program staff, and community partners to boost recruitment and retention of families and staff
  • Building and expanding your community network with peers from across the country to reinvigorate your ERSEA efforts