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Plan escrito y capacitación para el manejo de la atención médica de urgencia o incidentes amenazantes

The program should have a written plan for reporting and managing any incident or unusual occurrence that is threatening to the health, safety, or welfare of the children, staff, or volunteers. Caregiver/teacher and staff training procedures should also be included. The management, documentation, and reporting of the following types of incidents should be addressed:

a) Lost or missing child;
b) Suspected maltreatment of a child (also see state's mandates for reporting);
c) Suspected sexual, physical, or emotional abuse of staff, volunteers, or family members occurring while they are on the premises of the program;
d) Injuries to children requiring medical or dental care;
e) Illness or injuries requiring hospitalization or emergency treatment;
f) Mental health emergencies;
g) Health and safety emergencies involving parents/guardians and visitors to the program;
h) Death of a child or staff member, including a death that was the result of serious illness or injury that occurred on the premises of the early care and education program, even if the death occurred outside of early care and education hours;
i) The presence of a threatening individual who attempts or succeeds in gaining entrance
to the facility.

Last Updated: January 19, 2018