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A program’s physical environment supports the quality and quantity of the services it provides. Browse facilities resources that help programs create environments that are conducive to learning. Explore resources about adhering to safety guidelines for designing, constructing, and maintaining healthy classrooms and playgrounds. Also, find materials that outline the procedures for applying for funds to purchase, construct, or make major renovations to facilities that operate Head Start programs. This includes the measures that must be taken to protect the federal interest in such facilities.

Pre-Approval Guidance and Checklist

This resource supports the development and analysis of applications when purchasing, constructing, or renovating a facility using Head Start grant funds.

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Financing and Budgeting Guidebook

This guide has information about budgeting and finding funding sources for purchasing and maintaining facilities. Find innovative strategies for finding funds, making improvements, and using community experts.

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Post-Approval Guidance and Checklist

This resource helps grantees comply with Head Start regulations concerning the purchase, construction, and renovation of facilities after their application has been approved.

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Strategic Maintenance Planning Tool

Use this tool to strategically budget the maintenance expenses and ongoing upkeep of an agency’s facility and other key assets.

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National Centers: Program Management and Fiscal Operations

Last Updated: July 13, 2018