Facilities Project Implementation

Head Start Resources

Post-Approval Guidance and Checklist

Learn more about the specific regulations that grantees must comply with when they purchase, construct, or renovate a facility using Head Start grant funds.

Real Property Reporting and Request Requirements

ACF-IM-HS-15-01 explains that non-federal entities must submit reports, at least annually, on the status of real property in which the federal government retains an interest.

Recording and posting notices of federal interest, 45 CFR § 1303.46

Head Start Program Performance Standard (HSPPS) 45 CFR § 1303.46 describes requirements on recording Notices of Federal Interest.

Contents of notices of federal interest, 45 CFR § 1303.47

This HSPPS lists the expected contents of Notices of Federal Interest.

Third party leases and occupancy arrangements, 45 CFR § 1303.50

This standard explains expectations around third-party leases and occupancy arrangements.

Additional Support

Davis-Bacon Act

Learn about this federal law that requires paying laborers and mechanics the local prevailing wages for public works projects. In the Head Start Act, section §644(g)(3) applies this requirement to the construction or renovation of facilities for Head Start programs.

State-by-State Resources for Families

Use Child Care Aware's interactive map to explore local resources on child care, health, and social services. Also, find information on financial assistance, support for children with special needs, and more.


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