Notice to Proceed

No construction or construction-related services shall be commenced by a contractor until the contractor is issued a "notice to proceed." This notice is issued by the grantee agency and completes the final phase of the architect's basic services. While the notice to proceed can be issued simultaneously with the contract award document, grantees are advised to ensure that all administrative requirements are satisfied, and that any concerns regarding schedule and progress payments are resolved.

Pursuant to the terms of the Construction Documents and contract, you are hereby notified to commence work at the start of business on ___________________________. The time for completion, including the starting day, is __________________________________.

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to meet the schedule as set forth and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract. Failure to comply with the schedule will result in the enforcement of the liquidated damages as stated in the Contract.

Please note carefully and fulfill the requirements of the Contract regarding the submittal and approval of Workers' Compensation and Manufacturers' and Contractors' Public Liability Insurance.

The Contractor shall also contact the Grantee and the grantee's architect or designated representative in writing within three days prior to mobilization on the project to enable the Grantee to coordinate this work with others.

The Contractor shall, within ten (10) days after receipt of this notice, send to the Grantee copies of all required permits for work to be performed under this Contract. Failure to comply with these instructions shall constitute a breach of Contract.

Your cooperation on this construction to its conclusion is of the utmost importance to the Grantee.


Contracting Officer

cc: Contract File

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