Parent Focus Group Meeting Report Form

Program directors are strongly encouraged to involve parents in the entire planning process for facilities development. Program directors and members of the facilities planning team will find this resource helpful for conducting a parent focus group. Directors should plan a meeting that provides an arena for parents to participate in a discussion and to contribute to plans for the project. This form can be used to record the results of the focus group.


  1. Head Start Center:___________________________________________________ 
  2. Project Leader: _____________________________________________________ 
  3. Date of the Focus Group: ___________________________________ 
  4. Number of parents attending meeting: ___________________________________ 
  5. Number of children at center represented by parents: _______________________ 
  6. A summary of major concerns about the center's physical condition:


  7. What parents particularly like about the center, for example, the center's location, the size and décor of the rooms, the quality of the nutrition services, the hours of operation, and so forth.



  8. Parents' concerns about the Head Start center's physical facilities according to whether the concern is with the building in which the center is housed, with the actual Head Start section of the building, or with the outside areas.

    Concerns about the building in which the center is housed:


    Concerns with the Head Start center facility:


    Concerns with areas outside the facility:


  9. Parents' concerns that specifically apply to health and safety issues:



  10. Parents' concerns that specifically apply to the ADA or other "Barrier Free" regulations: