Family Engagement

Creating a Welcoming Early Childhood Program for LGBT-Headed Families

In this resource series, learn ways to enhance relationships with parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). Directors, teachers, providers, and parents can use this resource to help build strong partnerships.

Partnering with Parents Who Identify as LGBT

Learn more about engaging parents and guardians who identify as LGBT. This resource can help you create a welcoming and inclusive environment, build staff professionalism, and engage all families in your program.

A Checklist for Programs

Use this checklist to assess what your early childhood program is doing well to create a welcoming environment for all children and families. It will also help you identify opportunities to enhance your program.

Children's Books that Include Diverse Family Structures

Offer children an inclusive look at all kinds of families by adding some of these great children's books to your program's library.

Resources about Diverse Family Structures

Expand your knowledge with the latest information and research about partnering with parents who identify as LGBT. Discover how to create inclusive early childhood settings.