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Family Engagement in Early Care and Education Learning Series

The National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement, in collaboration with the EarlyEdU Alliance®, has developed a series of modules about engaging families in early childhood settings. The six modules are rooted in relevant theory and practice. The topics in this series can help guide current and aspiring early childhood professionals to:

  • Consider how the relationships they build with families can support positive parent-child relationships
  • Learn how to use reflective practice as one strategy to enhance work with families
  • Explore how larger systems and cultural contexts influence family engagement

Each module is about three hours long and includes a media-rich PowerPoint presentation, presenter notes, learning activities, and a resource list. Trainers can use them to offer professional development to early childhood professionals. The modules can also serve as sessions within a higher education course of study on early childhood development, education, or family engagement.

The series uses the Intentional Teaching Framework: know, see, do, reflect, and improve. Participants will learn effective family engagement practices and watch videos of early learning staff interacting with families. They will also discuss their experiences in working with families, try out the suggested practices, and reflect on their own experiences to improve their family engagement efforts.

A Relationship-Based Approach to Family Engagement

In this module, discover how to create a relationship-based culture that supports family engagement. Learn how to identify and reflect on your own perspectives and explore parents’ and families’ perspectives.

Gathering and Sharing Child Assessment Data

In this module, learn about ongoing child assessment. Find out how to gather and share information with families to support children’s learning and development. Also, discover ways to join families in using the data to guide children’s progress.

Last Updated: September 17, 2018