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Fatherhood Connection Resource Flash

The quarterly Fatherhood Connection Resource Flash is produced by the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE). Find information early childhood staff can quickly apply to enhance father engagement in early childhood settings. 

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Family Partnerships: Working with Both Parents and Reaching out to Fathers

Early childhood staff members work to honor what families bring to each child's learning and development. Just as your relationship with each child is different, your relationships with each child's parents and family members are unique. This month, learn about how it is important to reach out to both mothers and fathers when forming partnerships with families. 

Encouraging Strong Father-Child Relationships

As their children grow and become individuals, each father works to affirm himself as a parent. This month, learn more about ways to support the father-child relationship and some best practices for program staff.

Communicating with Fathers and Mothers

Staff relationships with fathers and mothers are equally important. It is key to recognize and support a father's caring and responsive relationship with his child. In this issue, explore ways to engage both mothers and fathers when communicating with them about their children. 

More About Father-Friendly Environments

All program staff members are responsible for creating a healthy, welcoming environment for all parents, including fathers. This month, we commemorate Father’s Day by reflecting on key ways to engage fathers by creating welcoming environments. 

Creating a Welcoming Environment: How Do You Really Feel about Fathers?

Posting pictures of fathers interacting with their children is a good way to begin to create a welcoming environment for fathers. In this newsletter, learn how staff and early childhood programs can partner with families to create a welcoming environment for fathers and the other important men in children’s lives.

Creating a Welcoming Environment: Attitudes and Practices

Fathers can feel welcome in your program or center when staff make an effort to get to know them as individuals and family members. All staff members who work with families, including program directors, home visitors, teachers, and transportation staff, can show fathers that their role is valued.

Father-Friendly Environments

Father-friendly settings can help to create opportunities for engagement. Find ways to focus on what fathers might like to see and feel when they walk in the door. This month, explore how programs can create a welcoming, father-friendly space.

Last Updated: July 25, 2018