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Home Visiting Series

This webinar series focuses on home visiting practices with families. Learn how to select and implement appropriate home-based curricula. Find tips for how to establish and maintain relationships with families. Additional series topics include how to conduct child assessment in the family's home.


Challenging Situations in Home Visiting

Challenging Situations in Home Visiting

Learn about strategies that can help home visitors manage challenging situations. Find out how to explore difficult topics and engage families that are reluctant to participate in activities. Discover best practices for responding to crisis situations that may occur during home visits. Also, hear about practices to ensure safety and promote self-care in these contexts.

Topic:Family Engagement

Keywords:Home visiting

Resource Type: Article

National Centers: Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning

Program Option: Home-Based

Audience: Home Visitors

Series: Home Visitor Series

Last Updated: January 3, 2019