Planning and Managing Family Services Throughout the Year

Two people looking at their notes.As a family services manager, you have many tasks to perform during the program year. To support your work, we designed seasonal planning worksheets that you can tailor to your program and staff.

Putting It into Practice Activity: Scenarios and Worksheets

Read the scenario, then complete the activities in the downloadable fillable worksheets. These planning worksheets allow you to plan and track your work efficiently.

Explore Strategies for Implementing the Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement Framework to make progress toward each of the seven family outcomes.

Scenario: Gloria's Seasonal Program Planning

Gloria now has a better understanding of her role as family services manager. Prepared with a list of tasks for herself and her team of family support staff to perform over the program year, she decides to plan out the program year, organized by overall tasks across all seasons and then by each season, using the following worksheets:

  • All Seasons Tasks: Family Services Program Planning Worksheet
  • Seasonal Tasks Worksheets
  • Summary Worksheets

After completing the worksheets, she assesses where she is for each task, focusing mainly on the current and upcoming seasons. Next, Gloria shares her plan for family services with her team and asks them to:

  • Assess their progress with each task
  • Prioritize the task as needed

After finishing the planning, Gloria and her team are excited to have a clear picture of the work ahead. She and her team decide to review the plan in their regular meetings to check their progress and guide their decisions about new tasks. 

Now it's your turn to begin planning your program year!

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