Family Engagement

Reflective Practice: How Do You Really Feel about Fathers?

Focusing on the physical environment of your program and ensuring you are using strengths-based attitudes and relationship-based practices is a great start in your efforts to engage fathers. There is even more you can do! The practice of reflection can help us discover how our personal experiences, values, and beliefs can influence our perspectives about fathers. It may be helpful to reflect on questions like these:

  • Do we understand all the ways fathers are important to their children's development?
  • How do we see the role of fathers in nurturing young children?
  • How can we have respectful, encouraging conversations with fathers about caring for children?

Program leadership responsible for staff training and reflective supervision can use these kinds of prompts to help providers think about their beliefs. For additional examples of questions for reflection, check out the Featured Resources section.

Explore the themes and examples in the next section to help support fathers in nurturing and caring for their children.

Last Updated: November 27, 2018