Strategies to Support and Engage Families Virtually

Benefits of Engaging Families Virtually

Mother on the computer while father helps child with homework.

Researchers have identified many benefits of virtual family engagement service delivery. The two most common benefits are increased access and improved convenience and flexibility.

Increased Access

  • Families who live at inconvenient distances from programs can still receive services when they engage virtually. By eliminating the need to drive or find other transportation, providers and practitioners have more time to focus on families.
  • Virtual family engagement materials and supports can often be more easily translated into different languages.

Improved Convenience and Flexibility

  • Virtual service delivery offers more flexibility in scheduling and results in fewer cancellations.
  • Families can review and engage in activities on their own time and at their own pace.
  • Delivery methods can be adapted to meet the different needs and learning preferences of individual families.

Bonus Benefits

  • Reduced costs compared to in-person services
  • Greater comfort for families when they engage from their own home
  • Stronger program-delivery integrity due to the more structured format of online models
  • Increased participation, retention, and engagement of families
  • Improved outcomes for families and children